CSO Blog: 15 Things to Get Rid of Before the End of 2015

Start 2016 off Right by Getting Rid of These 15 Things by the End of the Year!

1. Shabby Holiday Decor

Lights that don’t work, broken ornaments, or any holiday decorations that you aren’t delighted to see as you unpack them each season can go.

 2. Junk Mail

Recycle any junk mail, and address any other mail such as a bill that needs to be paid now so you can recycle that too.

 3. Holiday Cards

Keep cards posted on your fridge or displayed in the living room during the holiday season, then toss them out when the season is over.

 4. Damaged, Stained or Ill-Fitting Clothing

If you aren’t going to mend that hole, if that stain makes you feel sloppy, or if that pair of jeans never really fit quite right, get them out of your closet so you only pull out things that are ready to wear.

 5. Outdated Electronics

CDs, DVDs and video tapes that you could find on iTunes or Netflix, unidentified cords, old printers, computers, and any other electronic device or accessory that isn’t in current use can be donated or recycled.

 6. Receipts

Scan the ones you will need for your 2015 taxes and shred the rest.

7. Bath Products and Cosmetics

Expired cosmetics or anything not in your regular repertoire can be tossed out to clear some space in your medicine cabinet.

 8. Instruction Manuals & Warranties

Most of these you can find online by searching the make and model of the device. No need to keep a hard copy.

 9. Dry Cleaning Hangers and Plastic Bags

Wire hangers aren’t good for your clothes anyway, so replace any that are in use in your closet with plastic or wood hangers. Take your clothes out of the plastic bags too and recycle them at your local dry cleaner.

 10. Undergarments that Have Seen Better Days

Even if they aren’t visible, you’ll feel better and more put together if your bras and panties are in good shape.

 11. Old Sneakers

Your feet will thank you if you get rid of worn out running shoes. Many running stores recycle them, or try Nike. 

 12. Expired Food

Clean out the fridge and pantry by checking all expiration dates and tossing anything that is past its prime.

 13. Plastic Containers, Plastic Cutlery, Paper Napkins and Sauce Packets

You can always get new ones next time you pick up food, so no need to take up kitchen real estate with these items.

 14. Knick Knacks that Aren’t Adding Joy to Your Home

Maybe they were given to you as a gift or handed down in the family, but if you have decorative items that don’t make you happy each time they catch your eye they don’t deserve a place in your home.

 15. Old Calendars and Planners

Anything before 2016 can go at the end of this year! Get a new planner or even better, go digital and use iCal, Google Calendar, or Evernote for your appointments and lists.

Getting rid of these 15 things will put you on track for a spacious 2016!