CSO Blog: How to Prepare for a Move

How to Prepare for a Move

Moving is simultaneously one of the most exciting and yet one of the most dreaded activities. It’s wonderful to look forward to nesting in a new space, and a move also serves as the perfect chance for a fresh start. It is easy to get overwhelmed as you think about packing every breakable wine glass, taking art off of the walls, and going through everything that you have accumulated in your current space, but if you prepare for a move properly, it is a great opportunity to evaluate what you own . . .
CSO Blog: How to Simplify & Streamline your Workspace

How to Simplify & Streamline Your Workspace

Do you find that it is nearly impossible to get work done with a messy desk and a cluttered environment? A serene, clear and efficient workspace is much more conducive to focusing in on the task at hand. Whether you work in a cubicle in a high-rise downtown or in a spacious home office, follow these tips to streamline and simplify your workspace so you feel productive and inspired when you sit down at your desk for the day . . .