CSO Blog - The Art of Simplicity

The Art of Simplicity

Enjoy this essay,The Art of Simplicity, from Wilfred A. Peterson's The New Book of the Art of Living, and feel inspired to simplify and streamline your life . . .
CSO Blog: How to Make Organizing a Habit

How to Make Organizing a Habit

I’ve always heard that it takes 21 days to form a new habit, meaning if you do the same action repetitively for 21 days straight, it becomes ingrained within you. Whether or not this exact timing is accurate, (I believe there is variation depending on the person and the task), I think it is true that if we consciously do the same task over and over then eventually we don’t have to think about it and our muscle memory kicks in. Sometimes a habit is so second nature we don’t recognize it as a habit . . .
CSO Blog: How to Get Your Wardrobe Ready for the Holidays

How to Get Your Wardrobe Ready for the Holidays

It’s not too late to get your wardrobe ready for holiday gatherings, winter vacations, New Year’s Eve and for any other get-togethers you might have coming up on your calendar. Set aside some time this week, just a couple of hours should suffice, to go through your clothes and to plan some outfits so you look and feel great at holiday parties, in family photos, and as the ball drops and 2016 begins . . .
CSO Blog: 15 Things to Get Rid of Before the End of 2015

15 Things to Get Rid of by the End of 2015

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Start 2016 off Right by Getting Rid of These 15 Things by the End of the Year! 1. Shabby Holiday Decor: Lights that don’t work, broken ornaments, or any holiday decorations that you aren’t delighted to see as you unpack them each season can go. 2. Junk Mail: Recycle any junk mail, and address any other mail such as a bill that needs to be paid now so you can recycle that too . . .
CSO Blog: Create Space for What Matters Most this Holiday Season

Create Space for What Matters the Most this Holiday Season

Can you believe it's already December? 2015 has flown by. As we enter this last month of the year, it’s the perfect time to think about how we want to wrap up this year and begin the next. It’s easy to get bogged down with holiday shopping, entertaining, work and social obligations, and other demands on our time and energy, but perhaps more than any other time of the year, it’s important to create space in our lives for what really matters . . .
CSO Blog: November: Give Thanks and Live with Less

November: Give Thanks and Live with Less

As Thanksgiving approaches, we are presented with an opportunity to take stock of the abundance in our lives. It’s wonderful to take this time to feel grateful for our blessings that bring us joy and fulfillment and to spend time with our families and friends, but it is also important to notice areas of our lives where there is excess. Abundance in terms of possessions can lead to clutter . . .
CSO Blog: What We Can Take Away from the Tiny House Trend

What We Can Take Away from the Tiny House Trend

As I was perusing my Netflix options the other night, I stumbled upon a documentary about tiny houses called Tiny: A Story About Living Small. As I watched, I was fascinated by the choice to live in these seemingly unlivable, and yet completely functional and efficient spaces. For those of you who haven’t heard about the tiny house movement, it is a lifestyle trend of living in a very small home . . .

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