CSO Blog: Create Space for What Matters Most this Holiday Season

Create Space for What Matters Most this Holiday Season

Can you believe it’s already December? 2015 has flown by. As we enter this last month of the year, it’s the perfect time to think about how we want to wrap up this year and begin the next. It’s easy to get bogged down with holiday shopping, entertaining, work and social obligations, and other demands on our time and energy, but perhaps more than any other time of the year, it’s important to create space in our lives for what really matters. Creating space is more than organizing. It is simplifying our lives and eliminating the excess so the things we value the most are in the forefront and prioritized. Here are some ways to wrap up the year feeling on top of things and fulfilled:

Create Space in Your Home

If you just finished the November 30 Day Minimalist Challenge with CSO, your home is probably already feeling more spacious and less cluttered. Whether or not you participated in the challenge, take this last month of the year to purge any remaining possessions that no longer serve you in your current life. That gift you got last Christmas that hasn’t been used the entire year, that toy your child hasn’t played with in a while, those pants that aren’t really your size; now is the time to pass them on. Challenge yourself to declutter so you begin 2016 feeling organized. Also be mindful of not accumulating too much during this time of the year. Consider giving and encouraging gifts that are experiences to share, instead of a physical item. That way the hard work you spent eliminating clutter won’t be cancelled out by a bunch of new things entering your home.

Create Space for Your Health

Beyond clearing your space of mess and clutter, it’s important to create space in your body and mind as well. When your home and workplace are organized, you feel the benefits of lightness and think more clearly. You also have more time to take care of yourself when you aren’t looking for your keys, sorting through junk mail, or taking trips to Goodwill. For this last month of the year, let’s take it a step further and prioritize our well-being. I have a regular yoga practice, schedule in lots of time to read, and have recently started juicing. What deserves time in your life to benefit your body and your spirit? Make time for whatever it is.

Create Space for Reflection

December inspires us to take a look back at all that has occurred this year. Feel proud of the decluttering progress you have made in 2015, even if there is still work to be done. Notice the things you have eliminated, and how good that has made you feel. Use that as motivation to keep going in the new year. When you learn to live with less, you feel better and have more time in your day. This holiday season, I hope you celebrate the things that bring joy and simplicity to your life, and eliminate anything remaining that doesn’t.