DIY with CSO: Painted Dresser

DIY with CSO: Painted Dresser

I recently moved and as you know, each new space calls for different items. I had a set of two large black wood dressers that I bought several years ago, and I always thought they were heavy and cumbersome. When I moved to a new space, I knew I didn’t want those drab dressers dragging it down, so I sold them on Craigslist. Although I made a little money on the sale, it was not close to what a new dresser would cost, so I decided to get creative.

Just like I help my clients do, I have pretty significantly reduced the amount of clothes in my wardrobe, so when I began my search  for a new dresser, I decided to look for more of a lingerie chest to help encourage me to keep my clothing consumption to a minimum. A friend of mine had this little brown dresser that had been sitting in her basement for years collecting dust, so I decided to transform it to fit my new space.

I’m not particularly handy, so I wanted to find a process that didn’t require many steps, tools or materials. The owner at Treasures Upscale Consignment in Lafayette, Colorado, Jaya, suggested Fusion Mineral Paint to me. The two best things about this paint are that it is completely mineral-based and non-toxic, so you can even paint right inside your home and have no fumes, and that you can use it on top of almost any surface.

Here’s the Process:

Step 1: Remove the drawers, remove the knobs, and throughly clean the dresser or whichever furniture piece you have chosen to paint. I used a natural cleaning spray, followed by a damp cloth to remove any residue, then let it completely dry.

Step 2: I decided to prime the dresser before painting it to make sure the paint would last for a long time. I used the Fusion Mineral Paint Ultra Grip as a primer. The point of the Ultra Grip is to get paint to adhere to challenging surfaces, such as a dresser that already has a lacquered finish like this one. Instead of having to sand, the ultra grip allows you to paint right on top. So much easier! I did one coat, then let it dry overnight.

DIY with CSO : Fusion Mineral Paint

Step 3: Using plenty of paint and consistent, one-directional strokes, paint the first coat. I painted right out of the jar onto the dresser, there is no need to pour the paint into a tray unless the brush you are using is too wide. As you paint, check for full coverage, and let dry for 12 hours before the next coat, or I just let it dry overnight again.

DIY with CSO - Painted Dresser in Progress
DIY with CSO: Simple Painted Dresser

Step 4: Once the first coat is completely dry, it’s best to do a second coat. For this dresser, the first coat looked a little thin in a few places, but the second coat made it look finished. Paint the same way you did the first, evenly and with plenty of paint, and let dry completely again, ideally overnight.

Step 5: Once the dresser was completely painted, I wanted to find some new knobs. I opted for silver mercury glass knobs from Hobby Lobby. Count how many you need before you head to the store. Knobs are a great way to transform the look of a piece of furniture with minimal effort and cost.

And…voilà! That’s all there is to it. Transforming a piece of furniture is a great weekend project that can give new life to an item you already have, and can save you some money, while still adding custom style to your home!