CSO Blog: Get Your Wardrobe Organized for Fall

Get Your Wardrobe Organized for Fall

The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting chillier, and fall is certainly around the corner, if not already here. Now that your skin is probably sun-kissed, your summer sandals are probably wearing thin, and your tank tops are about to need a sweater over them, it’s a great time to get your wardrobe organized for fall. Follow these simple steps to get ready for the new season so that your transition is seamless and stylish!

Review Your Spring & Summer Clothes

Before you jump into fall, take the time to review your spring and summer wardrobe. Pull out anything you didn’t wear during the warm months. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Does this item currently fit?
  2. Does the item need any repairs, cleaning, etc.? If so, it worth taking care of it?
  3. Is this item still my style?
  4. Do I want to wear this item next spring and summer?

If you answered “no” to any of those questions, consider donating or consigning the item. There is no point in storing it for the winter if you are not going to wear it again the next spring. Once you have cleaned out your summer and spring items so that you only have the items that you know you’ll enjoy when the weather warms again, you can transition to your fall wardrobe.

Switch Out Your Clothes

Depending on your closet space, you may or may not switch out your clothes seasonally. If you do switch them out, make sure everything you put away is clean before it goes into storage. Be careful of putting white clothes in plastic especially, they can turn yellow over time. If you keep everything in your closet all year round, you could still consider re-ordering your clothes so the current season are at the front, and the spring and summer shift toward the back. Same with shelves and drawers, think about having your most accessible storage spaces for your current season items, and out of season items can go in harder-to-reach places such as up on high shelves.

Fall Accessories

Check That Your Fall Clothing is Wear-Ready

Just like you did before you put your spring clothing away, make sure all of your fall clothes are in good condition. Pull out anything that needs to be cleaned, washed, repaired, etc. and take care of them as soon as you can. Take a pass through everything to make sure all of your clothes are still looking fresh and still fit your current style. If anything instantly stands out as something you will no longer wear, you can get rid of it before the season even starts. This is especially beneficial for your space because it is likely that you will make some new purchases for fall, so this way you’ll have cleaned out before you bring something new in. This is also a great time to make a note of anything that you are obviously missing. For example, if you realize you don’t have a basic fall jacket, a black cardigan, a great pair of jeans, start a fall shopping list and make a note of items to look for when you’re out shopping.

Change Your Beauty Supplies

With the changing of the seasons also comes a need for a change in your beauty regiment. Consider making the following adjustments:

  • A lighter foundation or powder for when your face isn’t as tan
  • Switch to a darker, fall nail polish color
  • With dryer and colder weather, you might need a richer moisturizer
  • Sunscreen is something to not forget even in the fall, use it all year long!

Put Together Some Signature Fall Looks

Now for the fun part that will make you excited for the new season… put together some outfits! Try on some different combinations of pants, jackets, sweaters, tops, dresses, skirts, boots, and tights and see what looks good together. Get on Pinterest or buy a few magazines to get inspired if you’re feeling stuck. Take a photo of combinations you like to remember them, or even hang the items together in your closet so you remember to put them together again. Don’t forget the accessories! If you take the time to organize your fall wardrobe and get excited about your fall clothes, you’ll look and feel your best as soon as the colder weather arrives!