CSO Blog: How to Get Your Wardrobe Ready for the Holidays

There is Still Time to Get Your Wardrobe Holiday-Ready!

It’s not too late to get your wardrobe ready for holiday gatherings, winter vacations, New Year’s Eve and for any other get-togethers you might have coming up on your calendar. Set aside some time this week, just a couple of hours should suffice, to go through your clothes and to plan some outfits so you look and feel great at holiday parties, in family photos, and as the ball drops and 2016 begins. As you go through your clothes and accessories, notice the items that are in great shape and look current, that you are excited to wear and feel good in—that you would buy again. These are items like the ivory silk top, the perfect-fitting black evening pant, and the classic cashmere cowl neck that you can always depend on when you want to feel your best. Use these go-to items as your baseline, and compare everything else to them. Pick out a few favorite pieces to hang in sight as a reminder of the items you really love. The goal is that by the end of this process, only items you love and feel your best in will be left in your wardrobe. If you find yourself too undiscerning or indecisive, ask a friend to help; make this a definitive process that begins your new year right, not something where you continually have to weed through “maybes” week after week, only to put them back in your closet without ever choosing them. Streamline your dressing process for not only the holiday season, but for the entire year.

Hang favorite pieces in sight as a reminder of what you really love.

Start With What You Have

Once you’ve identified a few favorite pieces as visual reminders of your style and what you love to wear, you can start to evaluate the other items. Ideally, you will take everything out of your closet and drawers all at once to begin with them empty (this can be really helpful because you make conscious decisions about what to put back). If your time doesn’t allow you to take everything out, instead go through item-by-item and pull out anything you haven’t worn since the last holiday season. Anything that needs repair, dry cleaning, washing, etc. either put in a bag to take care of, or if it isn’t worth the effort or cost, put it in a bag to donate.

With the remaining clothes, if the item is in season currently, try it on and ask yourself if you will actually wear it. If it always seems a little too short, a hard color to match, or a little off in some other way, now is a great time to part with it. Any item that is a “maybe” and you haven’t worn this year but aren’t ready to part with, put back in your closet with its hanger facing backwards. If you wear it and like it, hang it the right direction when you put it back. Set a time limit for when you will remove any items that are still turned around, no longer than one year.

Fill In Any Gaps

Once you’ve eliminated any pieces that are no longer serving your style, decide if there is anything missing. If you have recently purchased a beautiful blouse for the holidays, make sure you have pants or a skirt that it can be paired with. If you got rid of several items from one category while you were editing, for example, if you eliminated 4 dresses, maybe you need to look for a new dress replacement. Make a shopping list, and stick to it. Only look for pieces that fill a void and go with your current collection.

 Put Together Looks

Once you’ve filled in any gaps in your wardrobe, put together some looks. The holidays and the end of the year are the busiest time for most people. Give yourself a head start by planning out outfits for occasions you know you have coming up. While your entire closet inventory is fresh in your mind, put together an outfit for each event on your calendar, including accessories, shoes and outerwear. You can even hang the items together on one hanger, or group the hangers together with a rubber band or twist tie. That way when that date arrives, all you have to do is pull the perfect outfit out of your closet, put it on, and head out the door. Or take a picture of the complete look, so you can recreate it later.


Beyond the holidays, you can use these strategies of editing, filling in, and planning so your wardrobe stays fresh all year. Whenever you shop, try to buy things that go with what you already have and currently wear. Take the time to edit out pieces you aren’t wearing on a regular basis, ideally more than once a year. Put together some “go-to” outfits, a few for work, a few for dressy occasions, and a few for casual weekends. At any point in the process, it can also be helpful to have an outside opinion. You can always email me at marissa@createspaceorganizing.com for a free, one-hour consultation to keep your wardrobe updated and to keep you looking like your best self.